best egg and Sausage in twon
Egg and Sausage omelet breakfast
all day breakfast
 صبحانه ایرانی
Miraas Cafe & pastry

Miraas Egg and Sausage omelet breakfast

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Miraas Egg and  Sausage omelet is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a Specialty delicious  breakfast-Brunch with meat ( Halal Option) all days  

Very Special BBQ Sausage , 3 Eggs , Signature Persian Bread

Side : Seasonal Salad, Pickles

a very tasty eastern  omelet 

a god choice fo all day breakfast 

Option : halal Meat 

سوسیس تخم مرغ ایرانی 

صبحانه ایرانی

, Best middle eastern breakfast in town ,

Tasty Egg and Sausage omelet     

Tasty breakfast near me

بهترین صبحانه ایرانی ریچموند هیل

egg and sausage omelet breakfast
halal meat egg and sausage